Restore Probiotic Review & The Effects Of Mass Farming On Our Guts


Restore is a liquid probiotic, but what makes this probiotic stand out from the rest is the addition of carbon molecules/snowflakes. Pre-WW2 soil was rich with carbon molecules, but due to mass farming our soil is weak with carbon molecules and good nutrients. We have T-junctions in our gut lining that keeps our gut lining strong and intact, and T-Junctions can be eroded through mass farming practices, and addition of pesticides. The gut lining them becomes more permeable to unwanted and harmful toxins, so we are more exposed and vulnerable to the effects. Carbon molecules are cultivated by bacteria and they act as a type of spider web, binding and strengthening our T-junctions in our gut. Our gut bacteria not only grow’s more robust, but our gut lining becomes stronger and more intact. Restore is a superior probiotic not only because it delivers probiotics, but it also delivers carbon snowflakes so we are more resilient to disease, and adverse effects from inflammation.


Gut health is incredibly important to not only how we digest and absorb our foods, but poor gut health and bad bacteria is linked to an incredible amount of diseases, as well as insecure mental health like anxiety and major depression disorder. Chronic fatigue syndrome leading to pre-diabetes, thyroid disorders, PCOS, drop in testosterone in young men, leaky gut syndrome, behaviour disorders in young children, etc.  Where our food comes from, what soil its grows in, how its manufactured, and how it’s processed all matters. Our Grand- Parents generation may not think so, but this population seems to have iron guts in a way. Compare the difference between how their food was farmed and manufactured pre-WW2, and how it is processed and manufactured now.


Our Grand Parents generation soil was different than ours, and their guts were stronger due to how their food was grown. Their soil was rich in vitamins, the farming was smaller and family based, therefore the food was rich in vitamins as well. Their guts are intact and strong, so their susceptibility to disease is therefore heightened, and so is their immune system. Our food now, not nearly as robust. Mass farming has stripped our soils of essential vitamins and nutrients, and added nitrogen based fertilizers, gluten compounds, and pesticides like Round Up doesn’t help. All three help to erode our gut lining, making us more vulnerable to inflammation and a rainbow of diseases. For example, if you have an auto-immune disease, research is showing they are popping up earlier and younger than our parent’s generation. This could be due to the thinning of our gut lining through mass food manufacturing, and then the addition of highly processed and fast foods into our diets.


On top of how our food is manufactured, farmed, and sourced…what we eat obviously has a ton to do with it. Sugar, highly processed foods, gluten-compounds, nitrates…all cause inflammation, oxidative stress, and can erode our gut lining and make it weaker. It’s just a double whammy for our population. We are facing fast paced, high stress, lack of sleep, heightened air pollution, crappy highly processed untrustworthy foods…combined with mass farming and stripping soils of essential nutrients.


So you can almost see why our population today seems so much more “messed up” for lack of a better word than past populations. One argument I can make is that in the past maybe they were not as aware of medical conditions and mental health, and maybe people were not as forthcoming with their struggles. Somewhat true, but a lot of our psychology theories stem that 1900’s from those such as Sigmund Freud. At the end of the day, we can’t deny mass manufacturing is not healthy for us. How our soil is sprayed with chemicals and our food super grown for the masses isn’t normal, it’s just more cost effective and efficient.  What I recommend is getting on a probiotic like Restore which not only delivers probiotics but helps mend the gut membrane, and then eat as much as you can from local farmers. Support local, be aware of where your food is coming from, avoid gluten-compounds and highly processed foods. Live your life as clean as possible and supplement where you can. This is unfortunately the World we live in today, so the best we can do is learn and be open to as much information as we can, and do what we can with what we know.


Please take the time to watch the YouTube video posted below. The creator of Restore is Dr. Zac Bush, and this is an awesome talk he made on the effects of gut health. This blog post summarized only the very basics, but his lecture has a ton of important information everyone should be made aware of.


Restore is available for purchase through the website, it is not available for shipping through Amazon Canada but can be purchased Amazon US, Walmart online (US only), and GNC (US only).