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Creamy Coconut Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Soup

I hope you enjoy this creamy and comforting thanksgiving soup! Cook time: 70-80mins Prep Time: 15mins Yields: 8-12 bowls. At first I was intimidated by this recipe, but it’s actually pretty easy!! I would definitely make it again. I used a blender ( after the skin from the pumpkin and butter nut squash was peeled or cut off. I poured in some of the broth with the chunks of pumpkin […]

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Is the Keto Diet Right For You?

What is the Keto diet? In a nutshell, the “Keto diet” is a low inflammation diet meant for a specific population of people who may suffer from autoimmune disease, obesity, severe concussion symptoms or multiple concussions, or other ailments and disease that would warrant a specific diet to combat damaging inflammation. Carbs are limited in the keto diet, but instead of generalizing all carbs being eliminated, the ones first stripped […]

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Eating Vegan May Be Hurting Your Weight Loss Goals

Eating Vegan May Be Hurting Your Weight Loss Goals   This is not speaking to those who are vegan due to religious reasons or personal beliefs, but to those who believe eating a vegan diet will help them lose fat, or trim up. I personally do not believe a vegan diet is always the best choice fat losing fat, or increasing lean muscle mass, and here’s why:   Are you […]

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Tips to Beat the Post Vacay Slump

Tips to Beat the Post Vacay Slump   You’ve booked your beach vacation! Your motivation towards your fitness goals is at an all-time high, and you’ve never been more committed or worked harder. This time round, you feel super confident on the beach and are basking in the glory at bearing it all! What a time to be alive! While you are super proud of what you have accomplished pre-vacay, […]

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Why Are You On Keto?

Why Are You on Keto? Do you know why you are doing the Keto diet? Is it because it’s trending? Is it because your entire office and community are on Keto? Is it because you saw a Facebook ad for Keto? Is the person you follow on IG now preaching Keto because coincidentally so is everyone else on social media? Are you doing Keto because people are telling you carbs […]

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It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village I believe when people decide they want to better themselves in some way, for the most part it’s not always exclaimed to the World they are unhappy and want to make changes. I find most often when it comes to someone’s personal fitness, they tend to keep their struggles and frustrations internal.               There are a few reasons for this: Not everyone that is closest […]

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Fat Sundays: The Good and The Bad

Fat Sundays: The Good and The Bad   First off, who doesn’t love a fat, lounging, lazy Sunday. It is the absolute best thing about being a human…to sleep in, go out for breakfast, lounge, Netflix and chill, eat more, it’s pure bliss. However, unfortunately sometimes the good times need to be cut short or at least modified if you have body composition goals in place. So here are my […]

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Is Spin Class an Effective Workout

Is Spin Class an Effective Workout?     The simple answer is yes, spinning as a form of exercise is an effective way to get solid aerobic training into your weekly schedule. Spinning in recent years has grown in popularity due to the revamped marketing and branding lead by Soul Cycle. Spin class used to be just another group class offered by a corporate gym included in your membership. The […]

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Stop Using Your Gender as an Excuse

Stop Using Your Gender as an Excuse   One thing I hear all the time is women blaming their weight, or inability to achieve a desired physique on the fact they are a woman. Now listen, of course there are physiological and anatomical differences between a man and woman. Of course our hormonal structure is different, whereby men have a much higher level of naturally occurring testosterone and women have […]

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Grazing vs. Bingeing

Grazing vs. Bingeing: How it Hurts Fat Loss   Food is energy, calories are how we measure how much energy our food will provide us. When we eat, it raises our blood sugar and this suggests a presence of food energy in our body. When blood sugar rises as a response to our digesting meal, this in turn releases insulin. Insulin binds to the blood sugar i.e. glucose, and carries […]

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