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How to Use Rep Tempo

How to Use Rep Tempo   Now that you are aware there are 3 phases in a rep I.e. eccentric, isometric, concentric, you can now learn how to apply this to your workouts. Dancers and musicians use tempo, weight training can also follow the same type of thing. You never want your reps to be “clunky” or “choppy”, and this will take time and practice to achieve. However, the important thing […]

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5 Food Behaviours to Avoid at Night

5 Food Behaviours to Avoid at Night Some things on this list are obvious, some may come at a surprise. One thing I want to preface this blog with, if you are weight training effectively and therefore depleting your muscles of glycogen, then coincidentally you need to refuel with food in order to grow. This blog is no way is saying you should not eat a meal at night or […]

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Top 3 Sources of Fitness Information You Should Know About

Top 3 Sources of Fitness Information you Should Know About: 1.T. Nation I.e. Testosterone Nation A website riddled with the most up to date and well researched fitness information that digs into modern and trending facets of fitness, as well as new research on old techniques. All articles and information on testosterone nation are provided by highly accredited and experienced exercise physiologists in the field. The name may not be […]

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Know Your Rep Phases

  There are 3 phases or stages in 1 rep, and they are:   Eccentric contraction Isometric contraction Concentric contraction   Notice how every phase is still considered a contraction. Even if your fibers are lengthening/stretching through the eccentric, or holding still during the isometric phase, the muscle fibers themselves on a very microscopic level are going through rapid fire contractions in order to control the weight and the load. […]

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Now that you have your gym membership, some new workout swag, your music library is stocked and headphones…check. Great, you are all set to kill your 2018 gym goals, you are ready to get stronger, cut the excuses, and only have time for results. There’s just one little problem, you stand in the abys of gym equipment and feel slightly overwhelmed, maybe knocked down a few notches as your overwhelming […]

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4-Week “Beginner Doll” Gym Guide

Doll Fitness is thrilled to give you a boost this 2018 by providing a 4 week workout guide you can follow in the gym!   In 2017, we asked our dolls “what are some of the biggest barriers you face towards using a gym membership”, and the #1 answer was not having a guide to follow, and being unsure of what to do.  We heard you, and we want to help […]

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The 50/50 Diet *updated*

Despite what infomercials or Instagram advertisements claim, losing weight, leaning out, or building muscle is NOT an easy process. There are a ton of barriers such as confusion, time, prepping, and patience, which hardly anyone has nowadays.   The ironic part about all those limitations is the fact if you get past them, the end result leaves you feeling more confident, energetic, healthier, and optimistic than before. Plus, you get […]

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Is Coconut Oil Good or Bad?

A study has recently been released from the American Heart Association explaining how coconut oil is to be considered as unhealthy as butter and animal fat due to the nature of its high saturated fat content. Diets high in saturated fat lead to increased risk for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Saturated fats can clog up your arteries, create hypertension, and can leave you at risk for a heart […]

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Find Motivation in Your Privilege

A guest blog by: Michelle Fusco   Before reading this I want you to take 1 minute to think about what motivates you to workout/eat healthy. What is the driving force behind your fitness journey? Do you have a vacation in 5 weeks? Do you have anxiety and working out relieves some of these symptoms? Ask yourself, why am I doing this? I want to share with you a very small piece of my […]

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How Special is your “Special Diet”?

Normally when someone says they are on a “special diet” or if I hear this at a restaurant, I assume it means they are on a restricted diet of some sort due to food intolerances. For the sake of this blog, I am using the term “special diet” in reference to self-inflicted food choices. Those who choose to remove food groups or staple ingredients for the sake of losing weight, […]

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