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Weigh Your Food

Weighing your food comes with a lot of negative opinions and assumptions. It is shocking such a simple, small act of health can create so much controversy. When people hear someone is on a plan that requires them to weigh their food, it is often met with criticism, a few scoffs, and a lot of negative comments. Comments such as, “you don’t live.”, or “that’s so extreme, are you okay?”, […]

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Is Your Diet Off?

Maybe some of our weight loss efforts are not always successful because we are unaware of how we should go about tracking our progress. This is part of the reason why personal trainers can be valuable, because it is another person who is supposed to understand the process and know what to expect, and they are supposed to keep you accountable and on track with your goals. It is never […]

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Kayla Itsines BBG: What you Should Be Aware of

I am going to give my 2 cents on the very successful, and wildly popular Bikini Body Guide (BBG) by Kayla Itsines. I would say most people would have either heard of it by now, have tried it themselves, or know of someone who has attempted BBG. That being said, if you have no idea what BBG is and want to know what all the fuss is about, then I […]

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My Anti-Stress Green Cocktail

My anti-stress cocktail consists of a valium, a bottle of wine to my face, and a shot of vodka in my afternoon latte. Haha! I’m just joking, I don’t like coffee. Anyways, herbs are a whole new world that I have been discovering lately, and I am kind of obsessed. The herbs I am using are all known as “adaptogens” and their job is to help us “adapt” to the […]

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Fix Your Attitude

It’s not very long into the new year, and whether it’s the lack of vitamin D, cold/flu season, or new year’s resolutions not turning out as expected, people’s morale is overall…garbage. But do you want to know something interesting about negativity and an overall bad attitude? It can make you fat. Since new year’s is usually the start of new diets, there is also a massive misconception that goes along […]

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Booty Pump vs. Booty Growth

Muscles can appear full, pumped up, and big while they are being exercised. This is due to blood and fluids rushing into the site where the muscle fibre stimulation is occurring, flushing lactic acid and cleaning up after the micro tears, as well as creating opportunity for new muscle fiber growth and repair. Any muscle can get “pumped”, but having a muscle pump versus dense muscle is differentiated immensely and […]

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Why Do We Binge Eat?

Binge Eating Disorder has for a while now been recognized under the DSM-5, but just because you binge eat on occasion obviously does not necessarily mean you have a disorder. However, there are underlying reasons why people who do not generally have disordered eating, still undergo binge eating more than they would like to admit. I’m only 1 year into my business, but in that year I have seen over […]

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Making Sense of Nutrition Labels

Making Sense of Nutrition Labels I had a request to discuss nutrition labels, and how to make sense of them. I find the information presented on nutrition labels will only have relevance to you if you know how much you should be consuming per day. If the average person is unsure of how much protein, carbs, and fats they should be consuming, then the information presented on the label gets […]

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Cutting Calories will NOT Help You

Cutting Calories will NOT Help You Just a quick scroll through my Instagram, Facebook, and a casual google search proves to me how obsessed our society is with telling people to “burn calories” and “cut calories”. An extremely outdated, one-directional, and uneducated way of telling someone to lose weight. It’s actually a bit of a pet peeve of mine, because I find it very lazy, and it actually does not […]

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Food Called… It Wants Your Respect Back

Food Called… It Wants Your Respect Back Creativity with our food preparation is essential to not only maintaining balance within your diet and lifestyle but also key to maintaining your diet in general. Eating healthy should not mean a sudden death to tasty food. There are so many ways we can prep and dress our meals, that the options are endless. We have so many food options, as we are […]

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