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Is Guilt Keeping You Unhealthy?

Is Guilt Keeping You Unhealthy? Women’s guilt is an interesting topic which has a surprising amount of research surrounding it. Goes to show how expansive and general this problem is amongst women. How often our immediate reaction to something that we want, need, or desire, is often followed by a sudden surge of guilt.Women generally feel more guilty when they put themselves first, when compared to their male counterparts. Feeling […]

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The Secret to Getting Ahead? Get Started.

The Secret to Getting Ahead? Get Started. Get going. Not in a minute, not tomorrow, and definitely not next week. I mean now. I am now a year into my business and have been extremely blessed with a steady flow of clients. What I am even more thankful about is how much all these different people, stories, backgrounds, and body types have taught me. The more information I absorb, whether […]

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Why Is There No Magic Pill?

Why Is There No Magic Pill? Imagine a world where there was a magic pill that allowed people to eat and drink whatever they wanted without it affecting them. Wow, that kind of diet pill would be incredible, wouldn’t it? It would fly off the shelves, drug companies would make billions, and so many people would be “happier,” “more confident,” or have a “higher self esteem.” Why haven’t we been […]

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The 50/50 Diet

The 50/50 Diet Despite what infomercials or Instagram advertisements claim, losing weight, leaning out, or building muscle is NOT an easy process. There are a ton of barriers such as confusion, time, prepping, and patience, which hardly anyone has nowadays. The ironic part about all those limitations is the fact if you get past them, the end result leaves you feeling more confident, energetic, healthier, and optimistic than before. Plus, […]

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The Rebound

The Rebound             You go through a ton of effort, dedication, and commitment to losing pounds and getting to a shape you feel comfortable and happy in. It may have been a long road, but you made it, and you are thrilled. So now what? There are so many strategies, tricks, gimmicks, and products in order to lose weight. However, there is not a ton of advice on what you […]

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Fitness Scams: Are you Falling for Them?

Fitness Scams: Are you Falling for Them? Summer time is quickly approaching, and with this changing of seasons many people are starting to have some serious regrets about their diet and activity level during the long and dreary winter months. On the flip side, the fitness industry has the exact opposite reaction, waiting like hungry lions to pounce and capitalize off of regretful couch potatoes by revving up their marketing […]

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What to Eat After a Workout

What to Eat After a Workout Knowing what to eat after a workout can be just as confusing as knowing what to eat before. It’s a difficult question to answer given the uniqueness of everyone’s goals, metabolisms, and weight statuses. Plus, there are so many different opinions on this topic that a lot of different situations and solutions can apply. It is very important to note that there is no […]

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What to Eat Before a Workout

What to Eat Before a Workout People often ask me what the best foods are for before workout, which is certainly a valid question considering how confusing this whole topic can be. The truth is, this isn’t a “one-meal-fits-all” kind of topic; my pre-workout food recommendations are personalized and unique to each client based on their goals, workout, and schedule. That being said, there are definitely guidelines that I would […]

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3 Ways to Maximize your Workout Results

3 Ways to Maximize your Workout Results Feeling stagnant and unenthusiastic about your workout routine can be very common. Hitting a bump in the road because you may not be reaping the rewards from your effort can make anyone eventually lose motivation. But never fear! There are many ways you can maximize and re-ignite your workout gains without having to put more hours in the gym or find new exercises […]

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5 Ways to Make Clean Eating Interesting

5 Ways to Make Clean Eating Interesting It is a fact that as soon as you tell someone they cannot have something, it’s the single thing they want the most. People become transfixed on the “forbidden fruit” even though they may not have thought about it prior to being told they cannot have it. This holds true for those who are dieting or on a meal plan. Unfortunately—but rather ironically—it […]

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